The #100DayProject

In the last several years, and especially the last several months, I’ve seen a significant shift in me where I’ve begun to explore the creative side in me more.

When I saw posts about the #100DayProject popping up on my Instagram feed, I was definitely intrigued. But I felt like I wasn’t “good enough” at my craft to participate in the project. So I ignored the call…until day 1 of the 100 days started.

100day project

I scrambled to come up with a topic that was general enough, but specific to my craft. I also couldn’t use certain hashtags because they were already taken or used previously.

Basically, each participant joins by coming up with a theme that will cultivate creativity in whatever they want to do. I’ve seen people explore emotions, countries, colors, etc. Then a unique hashtag is attributed so that you can keep track of your work. You can use a hashtag that was already used, but I didn’t want my work to get lost within other people’s work.

So my unique hashtag is…. #100daysofWatercolorWreaths. Each day, I will create a different wreath using watercolors. A traditional wreath is composed of floral elements like flowers, leaves, branches, and fruits. I’m going to start by doing some of the traditional elements, but also push my artistic and creative boundaries by painting wreaths out of household objects (think paper clips or cups), fish (finding nemo inspiration!), and geometric shapes.

Here are some of my favorites so far:




What would your #100DayProject look like? How can you exercise your creativity in this season?

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