DIY Abstract Watercolor Thank You Cards

Nothing says a big “Thank You” like a personalized card that’s unlike any other!

I’ve been making thank you cards for all sorts of occasions since elementary school. I used whatever materials I had on hand–scrap paper, crayons, yarn, ribbon, etc. Now that I’m using primarily watercolors, I’m excited to show you what my latest thank you cards look like!

I like to make a whole bunch of cards at once so that I have them ready to go when I have a package to send out, a party to attend, or even to thank someone for having us over for a meal. A personal card really shows your heart.

So let’s grab our watercolors and paint some basic abstract shapes to make cards that are one-of-a-kind!

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DIY Abstract Watercolor Thank You Card


For these abstract cards, we’re going to paint basic shapes and use a mix of wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques.


Check out the post on color theory to brush up on your color knowledge!

For today’s lesson, we’re going to paint circles using a series of cool colors (greens, blue, blue/greens). For the first circle, use the wet-on-wet technique. First lay down a circle of clean water and then pick up some paint with your brush. Punch in some of the color and watch it fill up the circle! Add more paint if you want.


For the second circle, let’s do a wet-on-dry technique. Wash out your brush of the first color, and pick up a new color. Paint a circle and paint right up to the edge of the first circle. Some of the paint may bleed into the first circle. While the second circle is still wet, you can add a different color to create a fun blend.


Continue to add circles using a mix of wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques.




Once the circles begin drying, you can paint on top to create a new layer. I love this effect because the transparent nature of watercolors is so cool!

Keep experimenting until you’ve filled up your space.


Once the paint is dry, write “Thank You” over it with a pen. You can use a dip pen, a fudenosuke hard brush tip pen, or sakura brush pen, almost anything!


Try making more with different shapes and color schemes!

DIY Abstract Watercolor cards

What do you think? Who would you give a card to first?


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