How to Paint: Watercolor Fall Leaves Tutorial

My favorite season is Fall by a lonnng shot. My wedding anniversary is in September, my birthday is in October, and my wardrobe consists of leggings, sweaters, and cute ankle boots. Need I say more?

Perhaps if I paint these leaves over and over again, Fall will come sooner!

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Fall watercolor leaves post title


Set up your painting space, and prepare some Fall-inspired colors such as red, yellow, orange, burnt sienna, and yellow ochre.

Start by using your round size 6 brush and a dark brown color. Draw a few thin strokes to represent the stem. Remember that leaving white space is what makes your paintings look more realistic.

Fall Leaves Tutorial - Stem

The particular leaf we are going to paint has seven blades. So the first two we will paint are the bottom-most leaves. I mixed in a little reddish brown, and used short, thin strokes to create the leaves.

FL tutorial 2

Keep going and paint the rest of the blades in various fall-inspired colors.

Fall leaves tutorialFL tutorial 4

How is your leaf looking so far? Mix in some more colors if you’d like.

FL tutorial 5

Ta-da! And now you’re done! Try painting some more leaves with a variety of colors.

FL all

What do you think? Show me your fall-inspired leaves on Instagram using #watercolorwithTUD!

How do you like to enjoy the Fall season?


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