How to Paint: Watercolor Acorns Tutorial

When you think of things that remind of you of Fall, I’m sure that acorns is high on that list! You can do so many DIY crafts with them–spray paint, dip in paint, use just the cups as decoration, fill jars as home decor, and so much more. And now we’re going to use them as subjects for our next painting!

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Fall watercolor acorns


We’ll paint acorns two different ways using similar methods and mixtures of the colors brown, red, and green. By the way, do you like the fall leaves in the picture above? Check out how to paint them in this post!

Acorn #1

For this first one, use your round size 6 brush and mix some red and brown and paint a couple of up- and downstrokes. Then, wash out your brush, and drag the color out to make the other half of the acorn lighter. While the paint is still wet, you can add some darker brown to give some more depth. For the cup and stalk of the acorn, I mixed some green into my brown to get that smoky color. Draw some short strokes to create the cup, and a small u-shape for the stalk. And that’s it!

Acorn #2

For this second acorn, instead of painting just one side, paint most of the body (the nut) with a brown color. Then wash out your paint, and draw out the color to create a gradient. Add some yellow ochre for an even cooler gradient! Then use that same mixture of green + brown from acorn #1, and this time paint only the horizontal lines. Once those lines have dried, go back and draw some vertical lines to mimic the texture in the acorn’s cup. Lastly, add the stalk with a small u-shape.

That wasn’t too bad! With these techniques, try painting some more on your own!

What do you think? Show me your fall-inspired acorns on Instagram using #watercolorwithTUD!

Acorns all

I can’t wait for Fall to be in full swing!

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